THE PIT and Nicte ha


THE PIT at Dos Ojos

THE PIT is a very famous cenote that is part of the Dos Ojos underground river system. The pristine clear water is deep. The entrance is small and then it gets big and wide like a bell. It has different layers as you descend including freshwater, saltwater, a hydrogen sulfite layer that looks like a white cloud and underneath that the water becomes clear again. The ceiling is fully decorated with the most amazing stalactites and it’s possible to see an incredible light show as the sun beams pass through the entrance all the way to the bottom. Animal bones and remnants from the ice age have been discovered at this Cenote. 

Cenote Nicte ha

This cenote has perfect visibility and is located in the Dos Ojos system. It is an extraordinary dive in which advanced divers will require all their concentration to be able to succeed. The sighting of plants and thousands of fish will drop your jaw!

THE PIT and Nicte ha

For the first dive at THE PIT we will arrive around 9am to be one of the first divers. We will be dazzled by the morning light in the middle of the darkness, flying in space for 30 to 45 minutes at a maximum depth of 30 meters followed by a multilevel climb.

After the first dive we will drive 5 minutes to cenote Nicte ha, where we will dive at 5 meters for 40 to 50 min through the narrow tunnels full of light and magic that let us see through the windows of the Xibalba. Simply demanding, for divers who have already practiced cavern diving and have good buoyancy control.