Ship wreck & Reef puerto Morelos

Dive in the wreck of the Puerto Morelos National Park! Considered the most lifeful wreck in the Caribbean area, this ship belonged to the Navy and was sunk in order to generate an artificial reef. It is possible to dive inside and it is only 3km from the coast. It is full of coral life as well as several species of fish. A true experience!

Technically, it is a slightly advanced dive since it is 28 meters deep and there are usually currents in the area that can complicate the experience for the uninitiated, but a memory for a lifetime!

Then we will jump to a 15-12 m dive where you will find beautiful reefs and thousands of fish around you. Home to spotted moray eels, toadfish, eagle rays, and turtles, our favorite spot in the entire Mexican Caribbean.


Price 180 USD ( 20 usd off online at least 2 people)