Cenote zapote and Azulha

Cenote zapote and Azulha

Definitely the most incredible and demanding dive for any advanced diver in the Quintana Roo area, which we can enjoy in Puerto Morelos, 100 and 120 km away from Tulum. The largest biospeleothems in the world will amaze you at a depth of 35 m and the immensity of Azulha will take you into outer space. There are no words to describe such a beautiful dive.

Price 220 USD 


It is called Cenote Zapote because there are many Zapote tres around this area.   This place is 50km from Playa del Carmen this is one of few dives in Puerto Morelos area. Is a beautiful DEEP dive it has a Hydrogen Sulfide cloud around 30+ meters which gives a very mystic underwater ambient and you can see many very interesting biothems with some kind of rock formations that look like bells.   These speleothems are created by a bacteria that lives in this particular place,  one of the most amazing things about this place is that the formations are still growing underwater which is mind blowing discovery.  Also the remains of an ice age giant slot new species named (Xibalba Onyx bicep)  Have been found here recently.   Advanced Diving skills are required for this dive. This is one mind blowing dive sites. 

This place has nice restrooms, facilities and parking lots

Cenote Azul ha

This cenote remains a secret for many; it reaches a depth of 65 m and discoveries are still being made at its bottom. It measures around 100 m wide and is located in the heart of the jungle. To get to it we have to walk 10 min with the equipment, however, there is no need to worry since the family that owns this cenote will help us move our equipment very kindly. The place has bathrooms, tables and parking.