Pit and Takbilum

Pit and Takbilum

For the first dive we will try to arrive around 9 in the morning to be one of the first divers and be dazzled by the morning light in the middle of the darkness, flying in space for 30 to 45 min at a maximum depth of 30 meters, followed by a multilevel climb.

After the dive, we will drive 10 min from there to cenote Takbilum The Hidden Kingdom, where we will dive at 7 meters for 40 to 50 min through the incredible tunnels with weird formations and magic that let us see through the literally “Door” of the Xibalba. Simply demanding, for divers who have already practiced cavern diving and have good buoyancy control.


«THE» PIT very famous cenote part of Dos Ojos underground river system, pristine clear water. DEEP  it is a bell kind cenote, small entrance and then it gets big and wide. It has around 70 meters from side to side close to the bottom . It has different layers as you descend freshwater, saltwater(halocline) and as you keep going deeper you will find a hydrogen sulfite layer that looks like a white cloud and underneath there is clear water again. The ceiling on the cover part is fully decorated with the most amazing speleothems(stalactites) and is possible to see an incredible light show as the sun beam lights pass through the entrance of the cenote all the way to the bottom on a sunny day. making this a fantastic diving experience. 

Cenote Takbilum

One of the most closely guarded cenotes in the area. Ideal for those divers who have already dived several cenotes in the area and feel comfortable in the dark, as we will cross a huge partially flooded and totally dark vault that will make us think that we are moving away from the limits of the cavern; formations like nowhere else, which will allow us to literally cross the door of Xibalba. This cenote, although it is very close to the Sac actun System, does not belong to any cave system, in an isolated and independent system, an oasis in a desert that you cannot miss.

Price 200 USD