This beautiful Cenote has much to offer to cavern and cave divers.  This place is situated 28km North of Tulum. The cavern dives take the diver from the entrance to a wide room underneath an air filled bat cave. Air dome points of light where natural light enters through holes in the ceiling and penetrates into the water like laser light beams.  this extraordinary Cenote is a spectacular site to do a cavern dives and for cave divers there are upstream and downstream lines with beautiful rock formations and amazing halocline definitely one of the most favorite places to go diving in this area.  Great place for experienced open water divers (+25 dives) and Advanced  divers. 



This is the most decorated cenote dive cavern in the area, it is a real dream to dive here. Is mandatory to have advanced diving skills.  In this place speleothems( stalactites and stalagmites) are everywhere around and it is easy to break them if we are not careful or dont have a good buoyancy.   Dive here is a lifetime experience.  


Price: 200 USD ( 20 USD off by online)