The most recommended dive for your first cavern dive. We will play with sunlight and darkness on the Barbie Line, and then we will go inside to see the wonderful columns in the Bat Cave. If you have an Open Water Certificate and it has been less than two years since your last dive, let’s go! If not, don’t worry let´s do a refresh 😉


Cenote Dos Ojos one of the most emblematic Cenote in all Mexico is big, beautiful a small paradise in the jungle with crystal clear shallow freshwater with big wide rooms and incredible rock formations and speleothems (stalactites and stalagmites) all around the cavern area a breathtaking experience.  this underground river system is considered one of the longest ones with around 80 km of caves and rooms today is part of the biggest system in the world. Sac Aktun with over 300km.  Thanks to a connection made in 2018. 

Diving here is a lifetime experience, breathtaking,  an unforgettable experience.  

Good place for beginners and advanced divers.


Price: 175 ( online 20 USD off)