Better known as «CARWASH» is located 8 km. outside Tulum on the road bound to Coba.

This Cenote Aktun ha has a big open water area, it is widely used for cavern and cave diving training, it has a beautiful room with nice speleothems (stalactites and stalagmites) some tree branches and trees have fallen near the cavern entrance.      There is a great view as you are coming out of the cavern area into the open water area where you can see the fallen trees. The daylight and what appears to be a green grassy area are definitely an amazing diving spot.


Also known as Cenote Manatee. Located 13 km from Carwash connects one of the largest underwater cave systems in the world, «NOHOCH NA CHICH», to the Caribbean Ocean. This place is very popular for snorkelers and divers specially for training purposes. The river flows for about 160 meters to the surface on a mangrove marshland, what we explore, and continues underground for more than 100 meters into the ocean ( only seen by the surface).    

There is a small parking lot, a great seafood restaurant (with toilets) just across the road with a magnificent ocean view.


Price: 175 ( online 20 USD off)