Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver

This course of 2 days is all about trying new types of diving! There is only a small amount of time spent on academic work and the rest of the time you will spend experiencing the underwater Mayan World of the Cenotes and the Caribbean Sea.  The PADI/ SDI Advanced Course is made up for five adventure dives. Deep and Navigation are two mandatory dives in which you must participate in, the other three dives can be your choice. 

Deep – Learn to extend your depth range beyond 18m/60ft in a safe and controlled manner, explore somewhere new like Angelita Cenote.

Navigation –  Improve your navigation skills… The thrill of finding your way back to the same place using natural features of a dive site or a compass.

Cavern – Explore an overhead environement in a safe and practical manner.

Peak Performance Bouyancy – Practice makes perfect. Get the right amount of weight for you and learn to float like you were in space.  

Wreck diving (extra 80USD) – Explore an amazing boat submerged underwater.

Search and Recovery –Lost something? Learn how to really find what you have lost and bring it to the surface with a lift bag. 

As you begin to experience all these different types of diving your confidence will begin to increase and you will be open to more diving opportunities around the world.

SDI includes elearning or book and certification     $500 USD