Tulum Dos and Donts

Our contribution to the Dos and Donts trend – a fun list of advice for you. Tulum is very chill, hip and relaxed place. But don’t be fooled, like every tourist destination, it has developed its drawbacks. Many of the service providers are in for the quick touristic buck and don’t really care much about your interest. You will often be misguided or even lied into buying low-quality goodies or services not worth the money. From lunch to margaritas, to souvenirs, to tours.

There is no universal way out of the tourist trap. So slide along, be aware and don’t take it too seriously.


  1. Showing off is stupid, especially in a foreign country
  2. Not everybody is trying to lie to you, so don’t be overly paranoid
  3. Don’t pay in US dollars or Euro in stores and restaurants (except Chedraui and Oxxo)
  4. Don’t eat from untrusted street food stalls, not all follow good sanity standards.
  5. Don’t panic if your ride or guide does not show on time. You are in Mexico.
  6. Don’t take “ahorita” or even “manana” quite literary.
  7. Don’t count on fixed working times, especially for small businesses and stores.
  8. Don’t throw your garbage in the street, like the locals do.


  1. Ask many questions
  2. Ride bike as much as possible
  3. Try as many local foods as possible
  4. Go to at least one cenote – you will never be closer
  5. Tip whenever happy with the service
  6. Try to be respectful with the locals
  7.  Join the chill vibe. There is no need to be all that serious.
  8. If possible double check pricing with another source before purchase
  9. Be sure there are no hidden additional costs

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